But First, a Cigar – as life moves pretty fast, once in a while stop and take a look? Or you might miss it

Yeah….. It’s been a while


Sorry about that. I’ve been working through quite a lot of work/life issues, and sadly I’ve been considering whether or not to even continue with this project….

The short answer is I’m going to ‘Doube Down’ on everything, this blog for sure has so much more to give – as do all my other projects. It’s just now a matter of priority, over preference. I’ve not been sitting idly by whilst I sit about the workshop smoking fine Cuban cigars. No, I’ve been busier than ever – just not at my Mac…. I’ve managed to get a real level of closure over my past working life as a Design Director, this is single-handedly the biggest hurdle

“Changing your life isn’t all that hard a thing to do, getting your head around the idea that you’re going to do all that’s piled up in your heart?! Now that’s the really hard part…”

Being completely autonomous and in charge of absolutely every detail, is both the greatest gift and at times a painful reminder of what an ass you can be. The best creatives love to ‘bounce ideas’ about, a kind of intellectual pass-the-parcel….. still – in reality, that’s never going to really deliver what’s truly in your heart. It will always be at best a hybrid born of many parents, not exactly a bad thing. Just not what I want to do now that I’ve discovered freedom, even if my freedom has slightly overwhelmed me at times….

There is so much more – I thank you personally for all your support

We will deliver

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