The Ultimate Expression of a Car – is the Race Car – Full on ‘Balls to the Wall’ track Weapon

There’s just something about car shows that as a petrol head I’m just not that into. I fear I may be alone, the odd one out – but, multi-million pound Ferraris just leave me cold

Race cars, of any description, however – are gods gifts

‘The Ultimate expression of a Car is the Race car’

I was chatting away with Richard Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche as people swarmed about the stunning 1972 911 RS Tuthill had restored, just behind us, a young guy exclaimed to his friends ‘wow looks like a Singer’ hmm…. I was left unsettled by this, and I’m not sure my conversation with Richard was as easy after that moment. It’s well known that Singer and Tuthill are working together on future projects – Although I’ve always known and admired Tuthill for their Rally Porsches – It was through this experience that I found myself coining the Phrase ‘The Ultimate expression of a Car is the Race Car’ – by the look on Richards’ face, he knew exactly

Why Race Cars just win hearts and minds, even when standing still

When design, form and function collide to add the competitive edge over the rest of the field – that’s also when the consequence of beauty happens by chance to produce the most startling, breathtaking cars mankind has ever produced. Stand next to the Le Mans Winning Porsche 917, Quattro S1, DTM Zakspeed Capri or Dakar 959 and what first grabs you is, just how raw, rough and ready these beast are. Given their prowess, power and history – they are just brutal weapons of great proportions



It’s all in the detail and by many hands

For all the in the field repairs, dents, scars and modifications – only add to the allure for me. To know the car was once taken off the production line to be hand built by a specialist team with only one goal in mind. To build, test and deliver a class winning race car, has to be one of the greatest achievements an automotive enthusiast could achieve in his or her lifetime. It’s also a huge team endeavour, from designer, technicians, engineers, drivers, principals – and lady luck, all take a hand in the delivery of every race car ever created. With my own personal car projects, I’ve always been very Motorsports inspired and whenever I see another motorsport inspired ‘streetcar’ build, one that definitely goes above and beyond ‘fast road’ – then it’s always the car that stays with me


‘The Ultimate expression of a Car is the Race Car’  – Then that car for me was this stunning DTM inspired Ford Capri

Its creators were as humble as they are talented – As just opposite, their stand was Steve Soper’s season winning original DTM Capri. Okay just about the hardest act to follow, but these guys did it. Yes, a small British outfit from Reading Quinntech Racing has with real passion created a race car that dominated the arena and obliterated the competition. They were so inviting, gracious and proud that everyone who experienced the day will have walked away with the exact same love for their project as I have




There is a wealth of difference between a street car and race car – yet one can not exist without the other

Motorsports is responsible for so many innovations in automotive technologies that the average person driving to work has simply no idea just how many parts of their car are a direct result of motor racing. Every time they hit the brakes, those disc brakes were first deployed decades ago on a Jaguar at Le Mans, now just a standard part of every car on the road today – once a race winning advantage over the rest of the field is now since a long forgotten and much-underappreciated piece of technology by the millions who depend on them every day

Have you noticed the trend for ever bigger alloys with the narrowing of tyre profiles? The harsh and uncompliant suspension set ups? – This just seems to be against the grain of what makes a car great to drive. The ultimate ‘fast road’ set up it really quite compliant, the car needs to be able to move under you, to be able to ‘load it up’ in the corner. Where the sidewall of the tyre becomes an intricate part of the cornering experience, the anti-roll bar adds to the traction – hell mechanical grip just feels so good – where traction control just feels so intrusive



Great Cars are built not made – They’re made in the heads, hearts and minds of everyone involved – Ultimately built to be driven

The rest of my time I found ‘hunting’ out the race cars from the ‘ornaments’. A car, that only a hedge fund can buy is, not only grotesque – it’s never going to be driven ever again. The great car guys like Steve McQween would drive their GTO’s hard, real hard and then work on them, care for them, then thrash em over again. The idea of the car as Ornament just disappears when it comes to Racecars. I find it so inspiring to see classic car racing at Silverstone, where priceless Ferraris, Astons, and Jags battle it out as hard as they ever did. As if time had stood still and David Brown’s order books were able to deliver a replacement. 

I believe every car should both tell a story and be a part of its owner life, and for that story to mean anything – then it’s got to be worth more than just the asking price. It’s got to be more than just a series of numbers, price, age, performance or scarcity. It has to be a visceral experience for both drivers and the spectators – Not just another car hidden away, only to be trailered about to concourse events. Anyone with a chequebook can do that. Not everyone can truly build a racing legend, but – for my money, I’d bet you a tank of gas you’d have a fucking good time trying 





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