The Ultimate Wheel Alignment by Brunswick Racing – when string & analogue gauges beat lasers, mirrors & a machine that goes beep

We had an epic day with the BMW at Brunswick Racing

Super nice chaps and….. drum roll please….. just about the best alignment I’ve ever had done. My touring now handles like dream with super fast response and pinpoint accuracy! It was all done old school no lasers or computers. Most of all it was done by the guys who set up last years winning M3 GT at the Classic 24hrs of Silverstone!

After calling around to a few workshops on my ‘short list’ It was Brunswick I chose after Dave Ashford the Technical Director stated ‘As long as your okay with us performing a traditional alignment, we only use string and analogue gauges….’ I was genuinely inspired by this honest approach, as every other outfit I’d spoken to had really big’d up their laser alignment systems. A tool is only a tool, it’s the hands, eyes and heart of the person performing the alignment that really sets the men for the boys. Lasers in this instance are being used like toys to sell hours – Dave and Mark were brilliant an worked magic with the most simple of tools, it’s a real craft – an Art – and the difference is night and day

After all my hard work fitting the new springs and Koni’s along with new tie rods and drop links there was a genuine need to set up the alignment correctly. I am very glad I chose Brunswick to handle this. There’s real craftsmanship in their process. It took some doing too, after the initial set up we then went out and road tested before making more adjustments based on my feedback and their recommendations. It’s a really bespoke service. We have totally eliminated the factory understeer and added camber, grip and turn in. It’s not too aggressive, still very forgiving and smooth. It’s made a great car even more fantastic.  At the heart of this are the Koni’s and I just couldn’t be happier. The guys at Brunswick were very complimentary of my own work too, they took their time to check over everything I’d done. Even noticed I’d got all the torque settings right! It was great to work in with them


The Koni FSD’s, new OEM m-sport springs and steering are all set up perfectly now, with a little help from my new friends Brunswick Racing


I’ve just got back from my ‘early morning run’ with the old m-sport. I have to say the new front strut brace makes a huge difference to the steering. The chassis now has even less flex over the front axle than I’ve ever experienced. The results are more than I was expecting, yes the new brace looks fantastic, it’s also doing a very good job too


I was advised to get one by Brunswick, as while we were setting up the camber on the front wheels we noticed that the front turret on the drivers side was off and that means the wheels although now both perfect and equals where the rubber meets the road up top their set almost 10mm differently to balance them out. That’s just from all the abuse over the years. The brace will prevent and further warping – whilst giving the car even better road manners. I’m not to worried as they were quick to point out 10mm differences across a million car production was normally accepted – This exactly why a specialist speed shop like Brunswick Racing is so important to any build project, its the insight and the ability combined with a genuine passion for their craft that you need to realise your perfect project car


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