What are the best mechanics Gloves?! – A ‘real world’ Workshop group test, reviewed, rated, approved…. and the winner is….

The three main types of glove –

‘the disposable, the vanity and the indispensable’

Okay, your beloved bike or car has broken down by the roadside and quite frankly you just want to get home by now – So, any glove or even no gloves will do?! So, are good gloves a luxury?! maybe, but great gloves are indispensable….

I’ve used and abused a ton of gloves over the years, and here’s my top three. They’ve all been thoroughly tested from brake and suspension jobs to head rebuilds and transmission swaps. All the gloves I use on a daily basis are great, and for the right job yes, they’re indispensable. Is there really no one ultimate glove to rule them all? maybe, but that’ll come later. We need to examine what’s needed from a mechanics glove in the first place?! An oil filter change with tricky ‘O’ rings to settle and the need to keep 10k miles worth of toxins away from skin contact – then the only real option is the SemperGuard nitrile disposable glove. If your taking the rear subframe off to replace all the bushings with Powerflex – then the only real choice is Portwest Comfort Silicon Grip High Performance. Once  your ready to torque the subframe up again then, Mechanix – The Original High Dexterity Glove is the only real option to really feel for what your holding in your hands and allow you that level of control… Still not sure? then read on

The Vanity Gloves

Mechanix – The Original 0.5 High Dexterity £15-£20


I am a big fan of Mechanix gloves, they’re very well made and at a price to match. The only glove I’ve ever used that fits my hand like a glove, in the real world where it really counts these are the ‘Daddy’ the ‘BMW M6 GT3’ of the workshop, but don’t get them wet with fuel, oil or coolant. Don’t use them for ‘the heavy lifting’, or when it’s date night as they’re not that sexy really. I only ever used them for those times where I need that ultimate feel and grip, yet bare hands are not an option. They wear and wash really well, and no, I wont get them in yellow again… only they were on special offer…. Given just how thin and fine the construction vs all the abuse I’ve given them they’re exceptional – All in all, I could live without them – only I choose not too – Get them

The Disposable Glove….

Portwest Comfort Silicon Grip High Performance £8-14


Disposable? What the hell that’s an expensive glove, okay so they’re not meant to be disposable – but given the way I use and abuse them given all the punishment they’ve received I’m going at them like they’ve got a unit cost of £0.10. I’ve built a workbench, erected a garden fence, rebuilt an entire suspension and breaking system, washed them twice and still they’re going strong… They’re like Freddy and Jason in a bad B movie – they just won’t fucking die, already. They’ve got the best palm grip I’ve ever used and it’s saved me many times, the feel is good – but given the support and protection there has to be a pay off. The extra support and great grip, with good if a little blunt feel – these are the FJ40 Land Cruiser of the workshop, epic, rugged and dependable – for when you want to replace an entire exhaust system? – Get them

 The Indispensable Glove

MaxiFlex Ultimate – Nitrile Foam Palm Coated Work gloves -£4-£6


Okay, you know that scenario with you on the road broken down right?! – then these are the gloves you wish you had with you. Dam, I need those gloves

One Glove to rule them all, oh yeah these could be them – really. They’ve got so much grip and feel, plus they can withstand a whole load of oil and fluids until they’re done. I’ve just rebuilt a power steering pump and rack with these bad boys – other than using my torque wrench I never took these off. They wash the best, wear like they’re made of titanium, fit almost as well as nitrile / latex disposables and somehow even though they’re as thin as they are almost no cuts or bloody knuckles?! The cheapest, least sexy, best overall glove – the American Express of the workshop, cos you’d never leave home with out them… The ‘Fast Ford’ of the bunch the RS Cosworth working class hero – always under estimated never bettered – Get them



And finally a word of warning about cheep Chinese copies….


Just don’t’ – that’s all you need to know. These were bought online from a bogus seller – they feel like shit, and fell apart after no time at all. Fake gloves of any kind are a real hazard as your being ripped off and putting yourself at risk. I did not know any better, it was years ago…. I was refunded, and the seller was banned – eBay rocks


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