My Soulful Venture, is a Promise and a Prayer for ‘Falling in love with the road less traveled’

I’ve been through a lot and resiliently come out the other side

Basically, I lost myself, yet found myself in a workshop surrounded by old BMW’s, shelves of parts, way too many tools and that wonderful smell of old cars – a blog, with the promise of sponsorship, a following, new friends, neon signs, clothing and my very own blend of tea?!

The Outlaws of Design have gone renegade and never looked back

I can share this – leaving the Ad/Design world was just about the best thing that could have happened. Really. It helped me to see just how much I just don’t care about the clients problems. Or any business build on this premise. Or the people who perpetuate this mythology  –  constantly pushing shit up hill really got tiresome, pushing shit out the door finished me off.  Eventually I came to this one personal truth – freedom and integrity are more important to me than anything else. Both of which I was never going to have in career as it was. I just became everything I always hated. I did not leave St Martins with this goal

I’ve dozens of sketch books filled with daydreaming, I’ve been sorting out the good from the great I’ve arrived at three proper projects. I’m now dedicated to this pursuit

Your more likely to find me at Silverstone or Nürburgring than Soho House – or just under a lovely old BMW that begs to be a resto-mod

There is still a lot of fight left in this old dog, just better applied this time round – The alternative was standing in the ruins of the future

If you’d like to get together for shits and giggles then good, I’m possibly more entertaining now….


I maintain this promise, to myself, my wife and our little girl – to be:

“A modest and soulful venture,
with no grand pretences
nor apologies needed”


Genuinely happy now, hope you are too xx

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