This is why you just can’t trust ‘Full Dealership Service History’ anymore…

You may well be thinking of buying a car, one that’s new to you. One that has a ‘Full Dealership Service History’ all stamped up n’all… Well, I’ve found out the hard way what ‘Full Dealership Service History’ can actually mean

Some 30k miles back our old e46 BMW Sport Tourer received a Service II by a main BMW dealership. It should have included a fuel filter replacement – It did not, sadly

Even though, every second Service II – as per BMW own set intervals, this main dealership (one of the biggest in the country) failed to do the work, obviously…. Just looking at the filter the dates don’t match up, and the filter guard cover was never replaced after the original one from the factory was swapped out by yet another BMW dealership elsewhere in the country. Once I’d got under the car I could literally see just what a bad state it was all in – I have now replaced all the rubber fuel lines, hose clips, vacuum lines, and the damn filter. I took about an hour, cost about £35 and it’s done and done right, now


Yes it’s a bit stinky, and yes you do need a few tools to get the job done right – but it’s really not that hard if you take your time and keep your workplace safe and sorted. I’ve always got a fire extinguisher on hand when ever there’s fuel involved – better to have one and not use it, right….?! This is the kind of job my Grandfather would have thought nothing of doing for himself – Now it’s done I’m going to do this every 6k with the oil, filters and plugs!

After I got it all back together again, I turned the key and let the fuel pump pressurize the system for a minute or so before turning her over. Fired right up, and that’s the moment when your saying ‘Fuck yeah….’ still on jack stands I let her run for about 10 minutes revving a little every so often to make sure there were no leaks!!

While I was cleaning up, I got a length of spare fuel hose an attached it to the front of the old filter – JUST LOOK AT THE CRAP THAT CAME OUT!


I’ve been running a fuel system cleaner for the last two tanks of petrol, the car is so much smoother and the mpg is way up – most of all I’ve done it for myself, and you just can’t put a price on that

here’s how….

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