‘Not a Win, But still a Victory’ What we can all Learn from Nismo & Ben Bowlby at Le Mans 24

It’s time for me to come out of the shadows, just a little…

I used to work with Aston Martin & Ben Bowlby is my cousin

Over the weekend I’ve been glued to Le Mans 24. As every year, but this time it was personal. Very personal. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with Aston Martin and in that time they’ve come a very long way, with very little if you compare them to the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) – Most of all to see our cousin Ben with #Nismo and a truly unique LMP1 car

LMP means Le Mans Prototype – and that’s exactly what Nisan turned up with & finished all 24hrs of the race with

“In order to win, one must first finish”  – but as there’s always next year, the battle can be lost in order to win the war. Porsche have won Le Mans 17 times – hell they even call Le Mans their home – Not Stuttgart?! Which is a lot further away from Le Mans than Hampstead in London where Ben & I grow up as children

Ben is a little older than me and as I’ve only got older sisters, Ben was always a bit of a roll model for me at family gatherings. My fondest memory of Ben is in the garden of my Grandfathers home in North Oxford the Christmas I’d been given my first Tamiya remote control buggy. I’d stayed up most of the night building it, and on Boxing day I brought it with me to show it to my Grandfather, who being an intellectual wasn’t too bothered but was happy enough for me – but, Ben and his Father Richard were most impressed and Ben set about explaining exactly how to take the stock buggy and tune it up into a racer. Later that spring Dad and I went to see Ben with his Dad run his experimental model race boat – it was an odd ball, and went like hell! The rest of the ‘enthusiast’ were not impressed, Ben’s boat went on to break many records

Porsche and Audi battled it out in the top LMP1 class, with multi millions being spent before, during and after the race. Even today is their first day back on the road to #LM24 2016 – But here’s the thing, Porsche turned up with a car that was maybe 5% better than last years car, so it’s an ‘iteration’ although this is Porches DNA – the 911 being built and rebuilt until after decades they’ve almost got it right…

No, Nisan did exactly what LMP needed, hell what Motorsport and the Automotive industry needs – and that’s to take a chance, move things on & make a big leap. That’s what Nisan have done

Yes, you can call Ben a maverick, an eccentric – and yes, you can call Nisan bold – but, you cannot deny this – the winning formula is only that, a formula – Until it’s disrupted – and then the challenger becomes the accepted norm. It’s very easy to ‘Win with the Winners’ – it takes true spirit, what my Grandfather called Tommy Spirit to really win against adversity – So not only have #Nismo got to beat all the other teams, the track, the weather, bad luck & force majeure. No, now they’ve got to do all that and beat all the nay sayers and pundits – But, Le Mans is all about the underdog – The Maverick and having the balls to do it differently – Like run cars with experimental brakes, that are now so standard on cars – most can’t believe they were ever ‘experimental’ – and history proves one thing – The Germans all know, all too well what happened when the Maverick Brits start ‘experimenting’ at Le Mans

Just you wait an see, #LM24 2016

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