How to be virtually there at Le Mans – live & online in realtime all the time #LM24

So, If like me you’d really rather be there – than online – but that’s just not going to happen this year – then here’s the best way to be virtually there at Le Mans

All live & online in realtime all through the day & night

Le Mans Live via Michelin real time live timings
Le Mans TV
Radio Le Mans the original & still the best commentary
Autosport hourly updates
Le Mans Twitter
FIA WEC Live timing
Audi Sport – Live multi streams
Nissan #NISMO– Live multi streams
Porsche Racing – Live multi streams
Aston Martin Racing – Live multi streams

I’ll be in the workshop overhauling a fuel system on an old Bimma, I’ll be under the car for most of the race, but I’ll have on Radio Le Mans filling the workshop with the best commentary and motorsport engine sounds around

This, this is why I love Le Mans – on board a 911 RSR at Dawn, is just epic – truly heroic stuff. In a world of cheap promises and small change – I find a singular poetic truth here at dawn, alone and at one with the world. No wonder it’s the time the Drivers and Teams affectionately call ‘Happy Hour’

Great Documentary on just why Le Mans is the greatest race on earth

Most of all, good luck to all, drive hard & keep safe
We will be with you, every inch of the way, every minute of every hour!



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