SPEEDHUNTERS ‘Collection 05’ Camera Strap – Full Review

First off, price – at £18 it’s a steal. As the build quality is superb, the materials used are top notch. So all in all this Camera Strap is a no brainer…. In reality the day to day use is easy and it’s a blessing on a long shoot, say if your covering a race meet or car show all weekend. I can see this being an invaluable bit of kit at Le Mans24

It’s lightweight, strong and doesn’t make your neck sweat – that’s a real plus as a soggy strap about your person while your working is not good. It’s detachable mechanism also acts as a sway joint – allowing your camera and neck a little leeway between each other, so it’s not pulling at an odd angle on either your neck or shoulder


It feels really secure, and I’ve been using it with my Nikon DSLR’s and they’re quite heavy after you’ve been dragging them around with you all day. Fast too, you can pull out your SLR from rest to your shooting position with speed and ease, I’ll give it 9 out of 10 – Time will tell how long / well made it is….

One last thought…. The SPEEDHUNTERS logo on the back, okay not to everyone’s taste  – but here’s the thing: The last shoot I did was at Silverstone and I’m sure the people around me thought I was shooting for SPEEDHUNTERS because of this strap…?! Maybe, I just got the feeling that’s what they thought and as such gave me more room and more time to get in and out to get the shots of the GT cars before and after the race. It’s not garanteeed, but it is a nice addition to what is a great piece of kit, and for £18 and it (maybe) makes you look like a rock star too – get one here


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