“Two Parts Roadkill, One Part Design Studio, A Splash of Carburetor Cleaner and an Olive” – This is my Soulful Venture

I’ve been through a lot, and this blog is me working it all out

I was once the creative director of one of the hottest studios in London and lived by the beach in Los Angeles and Dorset. I once worked with everyone from Aston Martin and BMW to Skype and Waitrose but all that’s not that important here, it’s relevant but the past is the past – and here in the midnight workshop it is what it is

I made a personal choice, a big one at that. To just take a couple of years out to rediscover how I really felt and think. Seems kinda simple and stupid, yet I’ve grown and evolved as a designer, as a father and as a man

So far it’s been an amazing journey, and until now I’ve been alone and now I want you to join me here, I’m not an expert – but still, the man who knows this is maybe more enlightening than the one who doesn’t’

Welcome, pull up a bench & take it all in – the smell, the sound, the feel of working with your hands, your head and your heart

This is my Soulful Venture


I set out with this promise, to myself, my wife and our little girl – to be:

“A modest and soulful venture,
with no grand pretences
nor apologies needed”

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