Are £30 BMW #e46 LED ‘Angel Eye’ Headlight conversion kits off eBay any good?

Some time ago BMW started adding angel eyes to their line up. They were at best a nice cosmetic addition, as such with a hefty price tag – not much take up…. Until the LED versions. Now that DRL’s are legally required on all new production cars there’s is now a real need to upgrade your existing lights – Think about it, there’s a group of cars along side you in the other lane and only one doesn’t have DRL’s as it’s an older car – Now in that split second, that’s the car your going to miss right?! So, it’s a bit of an arms race… As there’s a great solution out there, and one that’s got some serious safety benefits as well as looking very stylish add in the now low cost – it’s almost too good to be true?!

Some good, some not so…

The after market for cars is huge and BMW’s are really well catered for so there are loads of LED Angel Eye conversion kits out there ranging from £$20-200. I took a gamble, did loads of forum research (not always a good thing?!) and purchased this conversion kit off eBay

Build Quality & Fitment?!

First off, it arrived in quite Apple(ish) style packaging. Not that it’s needed, just a nice touch. The kit itself is well made and everything fitted, reached and worked exactly. Getting the headlights apart, fitting the rings all in place, wiring it all up neatly is all easy – Although a Multi-Meter is needed to get the trigger wire to work, as long as you figure out which one that is…. sadly the only part not in the box were the instructions and only available online? but, the link was down… so I had to go in all commando ‘MacGyver’ like – The instruction were in English with photos once the link was updated after a quick email with customer services, I didn’t need them though as it’s really straight forward. I spent most of the time taking care to do the neatest and tidiest of installs


I just wanted it all to look OEM+ and it does

The kit cost me £30, they are super bright LED’s that work beautifully. I was able to do the whole installation in an easy Saturday afternoon, with most of the hard work being the neatness I wanted to dedicate to this upgraded modification

The Resulting conclusions

The car is far more visible, and it’s now obvious how other driver have changed their approach towards the car. For example, I do feel other drivers perceive the car to be far newer and much closer. Hence they give me a wider birth, so they’re less likely to just pull out or change lanes with any dangerous lack of distance – It’s kinda sad the way a simple mod can effect the preconceptions or misconception that other drivers make ‘in that split second’

Murdered Out’ look, now looks even meaner

Ultimately, they just look bad ass and give the old girl even more Bavarian presence, with the blacked out kidney grills and Angel Eyes on ignition so they’re always on as DRL’s. This makes the ‘Murdered Out’ look, look even meaner – no wonder other folks out there are cautiously keeping their distance – A-fucking-Men to this job, then

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