Build it and they will come and you will grow (….and they did, & I have)

Well, here it is – my workshop, my Soulful Venture

Just four square walls and a pitched roof with wooden beams. A concrete floor, just one light fitting, two electrical outlets, a door and a roller shutter.

A good a place to start, as any?

Well, you see that’s where we all start, really. From where we are, here and now – and, most of all – “It is what it is”

So, I decided to build a workshop -from the ground up. With everything I could scavenge from my old design studio, upcycle, recycle, find, borrow or source on eBay or local forums. By keeping to an absurdly small budget I’ve achieved a greater sense of well-being and learned so much more than just simply paying my way out of or rather into problems – It’s forced me to really search within myself, to find a way, a solution, a fix, a kludge, and mend, adapt and most all – build…

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve felt compelled to share my experiences in every detail. The good, the bad and the downright bloody knuckles of ugly.

I set out with this promise, to myself, my wife and our little girl – to be:

“A modest and soulful venture,
with no grand pretences
nor apologies needed”



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